Our Story

The Beginning

It was October, 1993, after 3 years of unsuccessfully trying various businesses and a career in Real Estate that ended with the 1988 recession in the Washington DC area market. I just got off the phone with a man I had been speaking to about purchasing some leads for his business. This lead business, as well as, washing dishes and making pizza deliveries for a restaurant to supplement income, would soon prove to be the last in a string of “home” business attempts that cost us far more money than we were bringing in and landing us in bankruptcy. My wife Susan was working as a receptionist for a Doctor’s office.

The man I was speaking to was blind and his wife in a wheelchair. They had no children to help them yet in just 3 years time they had built a home business that was bringing them over $6,000 per month. Given our current state, needless to say, this caught my attention. 

He spoke to me about losing weight, which at the time I did not think it applied to me. See my before picture of health:) So I asked him, “How did you make this income?” He told me to get on the products and then we’ll talk. My heart sank. I thought to myself, “we are over $75,000 in credit card debt and facing bankruptcy and this guy wants to sell me his weight loss products? Are you kidding me?” But he insisted that I will never be able to do this business until I could honestly speak from my heart about my own results.

When Susan arrived home that day, I was so excited.

“I think I found a GREAT business for us!!!”

A couple of questions later and she said, “He just sold you some weight loss products-great job!”

Needless to say my wife was not as enthused with this new business as I was. In fact, she was totally against it. She was done! The home business world was no longer for her and she told me she wanted nothing to do with it. If I did this one, I was on my own. I assured her that if this stuff makes me jittery or I was walking around starving like the other programs I had tried, I’d be gone. 

I had already found the last $100.00 left on a credit card and purchased the start up business kit which at the time, included what was called a “Quickstart” Weight Loss Program. When the kit arrived Susan just rolled her eyes as I started digging through the material. So as the voice on the phone instructed, I had my first shake after weighing in. Vanilla with Orange juice. All of the business packs were in Vanilla. Hmm, not bad!

This continued for a week as I began using the shake as a meal replacement for two of my meals. To my surprise , I was not jittery or hungry. In fact, I had energy and felt tremendous!

The voice on the phone told me that in order to be successful at this business, I needed to get the best results possible in my first 30 days. I was told to take the products exactly like I was instructed.

The incredible part was that when I gained that energy in the first week, Susan took notice. She could see the change in my personality. People at work started to notice as well and as I began to shrink, Then they started to inquire about the program.


The really amazing thing was that Susan started to drink the shake. She wanted that energy she witnessed with my use. Soon, she could feel the difference. I lost 17 pounds that first month and Susan’s  esthetician got on the program. Within a couple of months lost over 45 pounds. Everyone who saw her was asking what she did and she gave them Susan’s card. That business turned into $1500.00 a month in referrals alone.

After 2 months I was down 30 pounds and our business was growing by leaps and bounds as more people were referred to us and distributors began to sign up under us. These people could feel our energy and excitement and when that happens it becomes contagious.

This is what the voice on the phone, our sponsor, meant when he said, to do this business you need to be able to honestly speak from your heart about your own results.”

Within a year we were each able to “FIRE MY BOSS”. 

Don’t get me wrong. This is not some get rich quick deal. We had to grow in our mental mindset and work very hard. But not having a boss, in our opinion, is the best deal out there! 

We’ve not had a boss now for over 25 yeas. We are in the top 2% of the income earners in our business and our life is quite different than what it was back in those days.

I don’t know if this journey is for you or not. Many like a steady job (if that’s even possible) and having a boss. We hate the very thought of it.

At this point we are looking for a few teachable individuals who aren’t afraid of hard work and enjoy helping people change their lives for the better. We now have a step by step online system that I truly believe would have sent our business soaring much faster than the days of no smart phones and no computers.

I’m really not sure where we would have ended up if I had not taken a chance that day in October, 1993. Each journey begins with a single step. You may just want to try and use the products without the business and that’s super. We have a special discount membership just for those people.





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